Englwood Shell Club

Local Shell Identification

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Common Jingle ShellLightning WhelkApple MurexIncongruous ArkFlorida Fighting Conch

Ponderous ArkYellow Prickly CockleEven Prickly CockleFlorida WormWest Indian Worm

Common Atlantic SlipperChestnut TurbanAtlantic Giant CockleCross-Barred VenusSozon’s Cone

Sunray VenusAtlantic BubblePurplish TagelusCalico ClamZigzag Scallop

Atlantic Calico ScallopTurkey WingBaby EarLettered OliveVariable Dwarf Olive

Frons OysterMorton’s Egg CockleCommon Eastern NassaGaudy NaticaAlphabet Cone

Shark Eye MoonAtlantic KittenpawsLeafy JewelboxFlorida Spiny JewelboxCommon Nutmeg

Banded TulipTrue TulipAmerican StarLongspine StarJasper Cone

Florida ConeHumphrey’s WentletrapCoquinaCrown ConchAngelwing

JunoniaLions PawCommon Atlantic MarginellaFlorida Horse conch

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